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Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Assault Characters

We think its time to show you more about Assault characters, not only the main character but the characters that you will be playing  side by side. This fat guy bellow is your best friend, guy that helps you every time, and you will be coming to his place a lot because he is going to give you crazy job that you will have to do in order to much needed money, but he will also go with you when that jobs need more "muscle". His name is TB, unusual name...
Check him out bellow:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Release dates

We officially announce that  Assault will be released for PC, Linux and Mac OS X.
We apologize to those that dont want to see a Mac OS X version, but we have to think about users that have only Mac OS X !
Assault will be made first for the PC and Linux so we also announce that Mac OS X version will be delayed and it will release later, after the PC and Linux release(Summer 2014). Because Assault is due to release in Summer of 2014, Mac version will be released in
Autumn, we are sorry for that short delay. But PC and Linux users will have the game Summer 2014 !
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two Big Announcements

Thanks for your support ! We proudly say that we will keep developing Assault. Also as we said more about the game itself, yeah we will reveal that tomorrow for now we have two big announcements! 
1. Red Alliance
( will review our new demo(not full version demo) that will be also reviewed by mrxteabag that will review the full demo version ! 
2nd news is that official release date of the Demo Review is 20.7.2013. as we said in July, hope you can watch it,the demo will be made and review by mrxteabag:

Again thanks for your support ! 

Demo Review RD: 20.7.2013.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Live Stream

We are now streaming live on , demo will be live in the next couple of minutes because  some of the viewers have to wait the video  to load  and to  skip the ads ! Hope you enjoy the Live Stream ! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meaning of the latest Screenshot | Assault Bonuses

When Assault Releases first 5 people will get bonuses , as months pass we will reveal more and more of them but now we are going to show you one bonus!

First Bonus Special: "Peacemaker"

- At this point you can see the meaning of that screenshot that we released last week.
"Peacemaker" Bonus  will have a dual wielding gun that will have unlimited ammo (a lot of ammo), also it will have some  Easter eggs, that will be hard to find, that Easter eggs will contain some info about our next titles  and some future of Assault !

As you saw this bonuses will be small so we will giving out more of them upon release but be sure you will have some fun with that bonuses.
Soon we will be unveiling the rd of Assault Demo Review, also we will be unveiling some new features for Assault and a  surprise for you will be here also soon !

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is Assault ?

What is Assault ? 

               - Significant question that We will answer you !

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Assault is a First Person Shooter game. The game is a mixed genre; action, adventure and open world.

Action because it contains a lot of fun and addictive game play missions that will bring you closer to life in Brazilian Favelas. 

Adventure because you can explore the whole map for some interesting things, like for guns, health and more  ! Also you can find some advetures that will take you deep inside Favelas life ! 

Open world  because you will be free to search and explore the whole Favela without any interventions of scripts, only you and your mice and keyboard !

We like to call Assault a simulation of gang life, yes it is something like a simulation but Assault will have a immerse and fun story that will make your gang "simulation" more realistic as an everyday scenario ! 

Assault also brings you a variety of features like "Favela Search" and  "Shops" and many other that we will 

reveal and describe to you soon. Now more about "Favela Search" :

"Favela search" is a feature when you complete a level or a objective you will get a message that you are finished with a mission and now you can search the favela. But you will be also available to search the Favela even if didn't start a mission, you will available to search the Favela whenever you want ! 

More about the "Favela Search" will be included in the Demo Review.

"Shops" : when you search the favela you will be finding some houses, or better said shops. In that shops you will available to buy weapons, ammo and health pack for missions. Also when in gang fights you can run to the Shop to restore your health ! 

Soon a RELEASE DATE  for the Debut Demo REVIEW !

And a screenshot, you figure out what it means, we will tell you more about this screenshot in couple weeks !

Friday, June 7, 2013

Assault Video Update #2

Our weekend begins now with Assault Video Update #2, enjoy and pleas comment, rate and subscribe ! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd Update Coming This Weekend

                        2nd Video Update is Coming This Weekend

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We have a challenge for you guys and girls! And this is how it goes;
1.) Grab a small mirror(or any kind of mirror) and point it at your monitor, at the bellow picture.
2.)Look at the mirror and You will see a  text that describes one of the levels in the Demo Review that is going to be release in July.

                                                            We challenge you ! 

Debut Review Trailer