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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is Assault ?

What is Assault ? 

               - Significant question that We will answer you !

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Assault is a First Person Shooter game. The game is a mixed genre; action, adventure and open world.

Action because it contains a lot of fun and addictive game play missions that will bring you closer to life in Brazilian Favelas. 

Adventure because you can explore the whole map for some interesting things, like for guns, health and more  ! Also you can find some advetures that will take you deep inside Favelas life ! 

Open world  because you will be free to search and explore the whole Favela without any interventions of scripts, only you and your mice and keyboard !

We like to call Assault a simulation of gang life, yes it is something like a simulation but Assault will have a immerse and fun story that will make your gang "simulation" more realistic as an everyday scenario ! 

Assault also brings you a variety of features like "Favela Search" and  "Shops" and many other that we will 

reveal and describe to you soon. Now more about "Favela Search" :

"Favela search" is a feature when you complete a level or a objective you will get a message that you are finished with a mission and now you can search the favela. But you will be also available to search the Favela even if didn't start a mission, you will available to search the Favela whenever you want ! 

More about the "Favela Search" will be included in the Demo Review.

"Shops" : when you search the favela you will be finding some houses, or better said shops. In that shops you will available to buy weapons, ammo and health pack for missions. Also when in gang fights you can run to the Shop to restore your health ! 

Soon a RELEASE DATE  for the Debut Demo REVIEW !

And a screenshot, you figure out what it means, we will tell you more about this screenshot in couple weeks !

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