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Assault is the 2nd title of A.G. and it started to develop in early 2013. Assault is a big open world, action,
story driven game, and the biggest and best game Absolute Games(A.G.) yet created ! Assault is
set in Brazilian Favelas, and tells a story of a young man that needs to fight his life through the harsh Favela life of Gang Wars and Drug dealers. Assault contains a Single Player and  Multi Player mode with a super fun "Parkour" - Mode that let's you have even more fun in the game . Open World of Assault is big and
it has a lot of stuff to do and see, like the local people, gangs around corners of the Favela, magazines to read, Collectible Guns to find and use, and Shops to buy health, ammo, and all the stuff you need ! And then the gun customization system that let's you customize all of your guns in your arsenal of weapons. But fun is always there, the single player Story is fun, creative, and Immersive so you will always fell as you are really walking trough the Favela. Assault isn't only a gang shootout game, you can search the favela, see your best friend and do a lot of activities with your Best Friends and Family !  Multiplayer of Assault brings you a new view whit your friend, where you can play with other people on the world wide web ! Parkour mode of Assault gives you another look, where you can jump and run around various fields specially designed for
Parkour freedom ! In Assault the Fun will never Stop even you aren't in a mission or in the Single Player element of the Game !

Assault will be available free to play(and download) for Windows and Linux  on August 12, 2014. 

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