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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meaning of the latest Screenshot | Assault Bonuses

When Assault Releases first 5 people will get bonuses , as months pass we will reveal more and more of them but now we are going to show you one bonus!

First Bonus Special: "Peacemaker"

- At this point you can see the meaning of that screenshot that we released last week.
"Peacemaker" Bonus  will have a dual wielding gun that will have unlimited ammo (a lot of ammo), also it will have some  Easter eggs, that will be hard to find, that Easter eggs will contain some info about our next titles  and some future of Assault !

As you saw this bonuses will be small so we will giving out more of them upon release but be sure you will have some fun with that bonuses.
Soon we will be unveiling the rd of Assault Demo Review, also we will be unveiling some new features for Assault and a  surprise for you will be here also soon !

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